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Making work more productive:

Digital Transformation

Making work more meaningful :

Free-Agent Economy

About me

My name is Alex Scialom. I have been working hand in hand with top startups founders since 2006 as first employee at Box (NYSE: BOX), Director of Product at ElasticBox (acquired), Head of Product at Catalina Labs (acquired), and Head of Product at FundersClub (investor in Coinbase, Instacart, Gitlab, and 300+ other startups).

I started to think about remote work in 2005, when it was called telecommuting. I pushed Box to the cloud in 2006, before the cloud was a thing. I started angel investing in the "Future of Work" in 2018, before it was cool.

Originally from France, I moved to Silicon Valley in 2004 after getting a Master's degree in Engineering in Paris, doing research at Carnegie Mellon University, and being a consultant at Accenture in Paris. I currently live in San Francisco with my wife and two daughters. I love the Californian outdoors and enjoy surfing whenever I can.

Thesis: the world of work is changing

We are at the forefront of the 4th industrial revolution.

Software, robots, and data are eating the world

Companies will spend $2.3T on Digital Transformation in 2023.

56% of all office and manual tasks can be automated with current technology.

Software is available from any computer and device connected to the Internet, anywhere in the world.

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